1396 Plessis Road


About the Project

Richard+Wintrup and Foresight Development Group are excited to present a vision for 1396 Plessis Road—a proposed development that will add a new multi-family residential building to one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods in the City.


Our team of professionals brings decades of experience in delivering high-quality residential mixed-use projects here in Winnipeg. We invite you to spend 5-10 minutes to learn about the project below and leave a comment showing support, or feedback on how the project can be improved.

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Site Description


1396 Plessis Road is located between properties fronting Ravelston Avenue West to the north, Plessis Road to the east, Regent Avenue to the south, and Chrislind Street to the west. The site includes the Abundant Life Baptist Church that fronts onto Plessis Road

The “T” shaped site is 2.19 acres (95,000 sq. ft.) in size and is currently zoned “C3” Commercial Corridor. The site includes the Abundant Life Baptist Church that fronts onto Plessis Road which occupies one-third of the property. The remaining two-thirds of the property consists mostly of gravel surface parking.

Site Location Overview
Site Location Overview

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Site Context
Site Context

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Panorama ground view
Panorama ground view

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Site Location Overview
Site Location Overview

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Local Context


The site is located within the ‘Regent’ neighbourhood of Winnipeg — a neighbourhood boundary that has for the most part been characterized by ‘big box’ retail with limited residential capacity to sustain a significant population mass. With other major developments and recent multi-family projects to the north, the “Regent” neighbourhood is beginning to break from this norm.

The area is amenity-rich with the proposed project location within 200 metres south of Park City Commons, a major redevelopment site that has been earmarked for transformational change in the City of Winnipeg’s Complete Communities direction strategy. Plessis Road is currently serviced by a total of five Transit Routes, three express routes (#42, #46, and #48), one Downtown Route (#47), one suburban route (#92). Located one block west of the site, on the north side of Regent Avenue, is the future Amazon Distribution Centre location, a $30 million project, set to open later in 2021. 

  • Directly north are two recently built multi-family residences

  • Directly south is an auto repair shop, a commercial strip mall, a used car dealership, and a commercial business (Dominion Drywall Ltd.)

  • Directly west is a manufacturing company (Equinox Industries Ltd.)

  • Directly east, across Plessis Road, within the mature area of Victoria West is a French Immersion elementary school (École Regent Park)

Amenities Map.png

Why here?


The unique location is within the “Recent Community,” in proximity to Regent Avenue (a regional mixed-use corridor) and a new state-of-the-art community centre, new library, the new power center to the north, is within walking distance to public transportation stops, and the mature area of Transcona, make this a prime spot to add multi-family housing.

Along with growth comes specific requirements for housing that need to be accommodated to meet social, economic, and community building objectives. Infill development provides affordable options for incoming residents in well-established neighbourhoods.

Regulatory Framework


The site is identified within the “Area of Stability – Recent Community” policy area under the Complete Communities Direction Strategy, presenting an opportunity to further add to the housing supply in the “Regent” neighbourhood of the Transcona Ward and contribute to the evolution of the area.

What is Complete Communities?


Complete Communities is one of four direction strategies supporting the City’s long-range development plan. The strategy guides land use and development in Winnipeg.

Planning Rationale

The site is located within 100 metres of Regent Avenue, a “Regional Mixed-Use Corridor”, and 200 metres away from Park City Commons, a “Major Redevelopment Site,” both of which are defined in the Complete Communities direction strategy as having a mix of uses, higher density residential, and opportunities for live-work. Specifically, there are policies in place to encourage taller buildings and higher densities closer to major roadways and transit stops.



Proposed Development

New Residential Building

The proposed development is a six (6) storey multi-family residential building to be constructed on the westerly side of the property.

Concept features:

  • Building Height of 21.6m (71.0 ft.)

  • A total gross building area of 71,149 sq. ft.


  • Vehicle and pedestrian access to the site is proposed to be via Chrislind Street


  • Major landscape improvements to create a more active, green, and friendly pedestrian environment


  • A common area on the second floor​​


  • ​Units

    • 76 suites (a 60-40 split between 1- and 2-bedroom units)

    • Private balcony in each suite

    • Unit ranging in size from 600 to 1,040 sq. ft. ​​​​​

  • Parking Stalls (117 total)

    • 99 Regular vehicle

    • 11 small vehicle

    • 5 accessible

    • 2 van accessible

    • 16 indoor and 8 outdoor bicycle parking stalls

Existing Building

The proposed development plan is to establish a paved parking lot located to the west of the existing Abundant Life Baptist Church. This will be dedicated parking for the church that is required within the City By-laws for a church of this size. There are 3 existing accessible spaces located along Plessis Road that will remain. 


Concept features:


  • Parking Stalls

    • 51 Regular vehicle

    • 4 accessible

    • 1 van accessible

*Details of the development are subject to change upon City and community feedback.


Street View of vacant land from Chrislind Street 

Project Rendering.jpg

Proposed Multi-Family Building Rendering

Church Front View.jpg

Street View of Existing Building form Plessis Road

Church Parking July 17.jpg

Proposed Parking Plan for Existing Building 

The proposed project will require:

  • A Subdivision and Rezoning (DASZ) application.

    • The subdivision will create two separate lots, one for the current Abundant Life Baptist Church and one for the proposed multi-family residential development

    • Once subdivided the westerly portion would need to be rezoned from “C3” Commercial Corridor to “RMF-M” Residential Multi-Family Medium

    • The Abundant Life Baptist Church would remain zoned “C3” Commercial Corridor

  • Four variance applications will be submitted to the City of Winnipeg Zoning By-law:

    1. Height of the building from 60 ft. to 71 ft. A higher main floor needed for the covered parking, as well as each additional floor, will have 9 ft ceilings as opposed to the usual 8 ft. 

    2. Density from 800 sq. ft. to 783.43 sq. ft.

    3. Parking in side yards on the north side of the property; and

    4. Parking in side yards on the south side of the property

Subdivided Lots-Aug6.jpg

Shadow Study

A shadow evaluation was undertaken to assess the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding areas. In undertaking and evaluating potential shadows on the site and surrounding areas, the Spring and Fall Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice were used in the assessment. 

Shadow Study Sheet for Webpage.jpg

Spring Equinox (March 20)


Sunrise: 7:31am

Sunset: 7:42pm

Summer Solstice (June 20)


Sunrise: 5:20am

Sunset: 9:41pm

Fall Equinox (September 22)


Sunrise: 7:15am

Sunset: 7:26pm

Winter Solstice (December 21)


Sunrise: 8:24am

Sunset: 4:30pm

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall there will be minimal shadowing on to the adjacent multi-family building to the north. In the Winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, there will be some mid-day shadow casting onto the multi-family to the north and there will be minor shadowing onto the multi-family building to the northeast at sunset. Based on the evaluation, it is concluded that there is an acceptable level of shadow impact from the proposed development relative to neighbouring properties surrounding the site.


Next Steps

  • A formal application will be submitted to the City for rezoning and subdivision of the site

  • Variances required for height, density, and parking

  • This will include a public hearing, date to be determined

  • Ongoing engagement with the community moving forward