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McLaren Hotel Redevelopment

Winnipeg, Manitoba



The redevelopment of the McLaren Hotel is a collaborative project to bring a more complete transitional housing model to Winnipeg. The creation of a new facility adjacent to the current hotel as well as interior renovations to the hotel will create a unique experience where affordable housing units are provided at multiple stages of the transition process and community services can be centrally located to help those in transition.  


Components of the existing McLaren Hotel building are heritage designated, which restrict design and increase costs. This can be mitigated through extensive engagement with the City, ensuring that these restrictions do not affect the use and services of the facility.


R+W Services:

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Verne Reimer Architecture


R.G. Wyatt Consulting and Advisory Services

Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation

Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.

Main Street Project

Altus Group

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