Meadows Golf Course Redevelopment


Peguis First Nation Real Estate Trust recently purchased the Meadows Golf Course.


The proposed redevelopment concept includes a commercial centre, retained natural greenspace, and a spectrum of housing choices.


Development Goals

Complete and Livable Community

  • To create a plan that blends together a range of housing options that suit a spectrum of needs, regardless of age or background

  • To focus on delivering high-quality design by concentrating an appropriate amount of residential lots and buildings, while preserving passive green spaces from the former Meadows Golf Course

  • To ensure a well-connected neighbourhood, offering access to opportunities


Range of Housing Options

  • To add in-demand housing that is affordable to the market

  • Add supply to address a constrained inventory that is fueling a rapid rise in housing cost

  • To generate long-term economic benefits for East St. Paul

  • Introducing aging in place opportunities

  • To bring diverse housing to the market that is high-quality and desirable with nearby amenities, while creating livable and affordable market conditions

  • To plan for a complete community from the outset that is serviceable


Sustainability & Green Energy

  • District Geothermal Heating & Cooling

  • Preserving of trees where appropriate

  • Dedication to active transportation pathways and connections

  • Efficient street network design

  • Opportunities for new park space, trails

Address Infrastructure Constraints

  • To maximize use of capital dollars through planned for and efficient land development

  • To leverage benefits from recent interchange upgrades and improved flow of people and goods throughout the northeast quadrant of the Winnipeg Metro Region

  • To increase municipal revenues

  • To work together to address current infrastructure gaps.


The Changing Region / Post Covid

  • Changing demand characteristics - Winnipeg region requires a minimum of 118,000 new units to satisfy demand to 2050

  • Property buyers still prefer houses or ground level units

  • Post-Covid survey of property owners reveals that Covid-19 introduced concepts that people can work from anywhere without a downtown commute and that they want to be part of a connected community


Housing Supply Concerns Post Covid

  • The Winnipeg region is now more unaffordable than Calgary, Edmonton, and Quebec

  • Due to supply constraints, there is not enough housing that people can afford

  • Leads to more bidders, greater competition, and a sharp rise in cost for a place to live

Housing Affordability

  • Affordability is now a real issue - while people desire a house, cannot afford to ‘buy into’ larger lot developments

  • Demand far exceeds supply

  • An increase in density leverages important new revenue for the RM through development

  • Infrastructure challenges are addressed most effectively and without burden to the ratepayer

Proposed Site Plan

Site plan.png

Total Est. Number of Units

2011 units (10.99 U/A)



Attend the Virtual Open House via Zoom on Thursday November 18 at 7:00pm.


Our team will be sharing the preliminary vision for the former Meadows Golf Course and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

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