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Polo Park Redevelopment

Winnipeg, Manitoba



The Polo Park Shopping Centre and surrounding area is one of Winnipeg’s major commercial districts. With only a small number of residential buildings currently nearby, the redevelopment of Polo Park to a Mixed-Use Complete Community is a truly transformative infill project for the city. Cadillac Fairview is looking to bring progressive planning and urban design practices to turn the existing parking lots into a vibrant hub of activity. Since it is located on a major transportation corridor with high volumes of transit, it will be able to provide many services to its residents and specifically allow for aging-in-place.


Due to the site’s proximity to the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, there are multiple policy and design components to consider for this project. This has initially included an amendment to the Airport Vicinity Protection Area Plan and will also require specific measures to account for noise.


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Cadillac Fairview

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